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Small in design but big on connectivity, these units are built to improve connections in indoor environments. Quickly deploy them in office buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings or hotels to eliminate dead zones, monitor systems and maintain critical operations.



Compact while having an impact, these outdoor base stations are ideal for rural and urban deployments due to the incredible Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) capabilities of 4G LTE.  Connect that last mile, provide backup connections, and densify your network all while providing a reliable, high-speed connection that your end-users will love. All base stations are future-proofed and easy to install to make sure you can see the quickest return on your investment possible.



Small and lightweight, these 4G LTE Indoor and Outdoor CPEs are designed to be easily installed at the end-user location and receive signals from a nearby base station to enable high-speed connectivity in wide range of deployment scenarios.  All CPEs are fully 3GPP compliant with models available in CAT 4 or CAT 6/7 and support LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD modes.



Get the benefits of LTE with the ease of access to unlicensed 5.8 GHz spectrum and provide a more reliable and secure connection with a 30dB increase in sensitivity when compared to similar Wi-Fi products. The built-in high-performance antenna makes these unit particularly powerful for manufacturing and industrial deployment scenarios. 



Wireless networks rely on a continuous source of power to transmit wireless signals. Whether LTE or Wi-Fi, Baicells power backup solutions are built to withstand extreme temperatures while converting a wide range of AC inputs to DC 48V. Don’t be caught by surprise; every broadcast station should have a backup power solution in case of emergencies. 

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