Urban Expansion


Traffic is always booming in hotspot locations, such as commercial business districts, office buildings, stadiums and malls. The overall user experience is a vital element for mobile operators, as users are often seen as high-value subscribers. Mobile operators often experience challenges during building and operating networks due to:

●     High burst rate of real-time services, such as online video, VR/AR
●     Difficult site acquisition
●     High entry fees when installing indoor base stations
●     Providing backhauls that will improve network performance

Baicells Benefits

The Baicells Small Cell is integrated product, with Antenna, Radio Unit and BBU all in one box, supporting multi-band, multi-mode (LTE FDD/TDD + WiFi), and multi-RAT (GSM+LTE) for voice & data traffic. This makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor hot-spot deployments, as a means to increase the LTE network coverage and capacity.

Scenarios and Solutions

Overcoming Interference

When multiple small cells are deployed in an area, there might be interference which will limit the network performance. Baicells offers an innovative Flex-RAN solution to customers to reduce the complexity of network planning and deployment, and uses joint-scheduling to improve the network capacity.

Increasing Indoor Capacity

For cases where one carrier can not meet the network capacity requirements, Baicells offers the multi-band NeutralCell, which integrates three LTE cells into one box along with WiFi.

The NeutralCell provides operators with a new business model: multiple operators sharing one site. Neutral host service providers can rent the same eNB to other telecom operators, which avoids repeat construction costs and creates additional revenue for telecom operators.

Improving Outdoor Coverage

For outdoor scenarios, Baicells provides Dual Carrier products, with inter-band Carrier Aggregation (CA) capabilities. This allows operators to take full advantage of the available spectrum to provide customers with the best wireless service possible.

Improving Outdoor Capacity

For customers with limited spectrum resources, LAA (Licensed Assisted Access) is the ideal choice to improve the network capacity. Baicells’ CBRS eNB can utilize the 3.5GHz channel to supply supplementary data links while a licensed band is used as the “anchor” carrier.

Providing Backhaul Options

Another challenge for small cells are the backhaul requirements. To this end, Baicells provides an innovative CrowdCell for UE relay. This plug-and-play eNB + UE device provides a backhaul through LTE, reducing almost 90% of the backhaul CAPEX while increasing spectrum efficiency.

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