Carrier Aggregation LTE Base Station: Twice the capacity, twice the coverage. No reoccurring license fees. No hidden costs.

The Nova 436 reflects our next generation of LTE base stations. In addition to the Baicells price to performance ratio you’ve come to expect, this advanced base station delivers carrier aggregation, even across discontiguous channels, or may be used to “split sector,” for maximum footprint and capacity in one package. And, unlike competitive products, each carrier can have as high as 20 MHz of independent channel width. Like all Baicells eNBs, the 436 is light weight, draw low wattage, and can be plug and play.

Download the Nova 436 Data Sheet

The Nova 436 delivers carrier aggregation, even across discontiguous Channels. This is critical for the upcoming CBRS bands, where “PAL” and “GAA” channels allocated by the SAS may not be contiguous. Additionally, each channel can be used for direct coverage to distinct areas, commonly called “split sector,” for maximum footprint and capacity in one package. Each carrier can have as high as 20 MHz of independent channel width for 40 MHz total. Like all Baicells eNBs, the Nova 436 is light weight, draws low wattage, and can be plug and play. It includes advanced capabilities, such as RAN sharing, and SON features like Automatic Neighbor-cell Recognition (ANR) PCI confliction detection.

If you do not know what “carrier aggregation” means, it is simply the ability to take two channels and bond them into one. This unit will support the ability to aggregate any two channels from across the full CBRS range, even channels that are not adjacent.

Quick Facts:

  • Max peak rate of the aggregated carriers is 224 Mbps DL
  • Fully featured, these ship with everything you need (except antenna and power cabling) which lets you rack up more savings and simplify ordering and delivery

The Baicells dual carrier base station has some significant advantages over the competition:

  1. One Gig-E copper AND one Gig-E SFP Cage.
  2. In split sector mode, the Nova dual carrier base station has independent 20 MHz channels. This is 2x the capacity our main competition only splits with two 10 MHz carriers.
  3. Lower weight and less power draw than others, so it’s less expensive to build battery back up support.
  4. Better pricing and still no games. No feature restrictions, so you get what you pay for. And, of course, unlike our competition, our Novas come with GPS, modules, and everything needed all for one low price.

A few key notes:

  • When these first ship, the carrier aggregation feature will not be loaded yet. We are completing testing, and that’ll be a firmware update. Right now, we’ve achieved over one week of uninterrupted stability, hammering the unit with traffic at peak rate under carrier aggregation, so we are close.
  • We are also waiting for FCC certification; it won’t be too long though.

Reach out to your Baicells partner of choice to place your order!

Nova 436 FCC ID 

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