Atom R9

Simple. Advanced. Economical.

The Baicells Atom R9 CPEs are the most simple and efficient means to connect subscribers in virtually all situations. Our indoor and outdoor Atom models provide robust throughput to meet increasing demands in the current streaming market while providing a variety of models to support even your most creative applications. Designed for growth and expansion, the Atom will continue to support your network as future versions of LTE technology becomes available.

Atom R9 Outdoor 3.5GHz 19.5dBi (Band 42/43)

Unparalleled Connectivity

With this CPE’s 19.5dBi antenna design, we can get signal through the most punishing conditions. Baicells has specifically designed the Atom to provide the highest gain integrated antenna available on the LTE market to connect your customers anywhere they may be.

Atom R9 Outdoor 3.5GHz 11dBi (Band 41 & 42/43)

Economical Efficiency 

We created this model Atom with a wider beam to effectively collect nearby reflection to maximize short-range NLOS connectivity. This is also the most economical CPE available in the current LTE market.

Atom R9 Indoor 3.5GHz 5dBi (Band 40/41 & 42/43)

Specialty Applications

Whether high-density MDUs, campuses, stadiums, kiosk applications or other events this CPE will bring LTE connectivity while minimizing truck rolls. Equipped with a built-in WiFi router, SIP client, and 4 Ethernet ports, it’s an all-in-one CPE that is able to replace multiple network components.

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