LTE Base Stations

Powerful. Compact. Revolutionary. 

Baicells introduces the Nova Base Stations – the most economical LTE solution that uses carrier grade technology to allow operators to increase their market reach. Quickly setup and deploy the Nova to an existing network by simply connecting the power and Ethernet ports. Manage it with an intuitive cloud OMC platform as the Nova continues to optimize the network with SON technology.





The Neutrino is an LTE indoor Pico FDD or TDD eNodeB  based on SoC (System-on-Chip) technology. 80% of data traffic is happening indoors and small sized Neutrinos can be easily deployed anywhere to solve indoor high capacity issues. It supports almost all frequency bands defined by the 3GPP.




Baicells NeutralCell integrates three small cell eNodeBs in one box, supporting multiple frequency bands, LTE and WiFi. It can be deployed in large public indoor locations such as airports, shopping malls and stadiums.

The NeutralCell enables an innovative business sharing model: a neutral host service provider can rent the same eNB to other telecom operators, avoiding repeated construction costs and creating additional revenue while improving signal coverage.


LTE-U Spectra

The Baicells Spectra is outdoor LTE FDD base station that works on unlicensed 5.8GHz band. Since it works in standalone mode, it doesn’t require a licensed band to build a network.

Free Spectrum Open to everyone

In most of countries, 5.8GHz is free spectrum and open to everyone. This makes the band an ideal choice for operators who have limited access to Licensed Bands or for those who would like to improve network capacity without paying licensing fees.

Advantages of LTE

LTE provides greater availability due to higher active user quantities with a 30dB increase in sensitivity when compared to 5.8GHz WiFi products. This improves network coverage while carrier-grade stability and reliability protect your network.

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