The Baicells Nova-227 eNodeB is a high performance outdoor micro base station based on TDD-LTE technology, with 2*250mW output power (2×2 MIMO with 250mW output each channel) and which operates at 3550MHz to 3700MHzfrequencies. Nova-227 supports wired backhaul connections to backbone LTE networks, providing wireless access for user terminals to implement voice and data service transmissions. The Nova-227 base station is compact, light weight, and easy to deploy. This eNB can help mobile operators to provide better coverage and higher capacity with minimal effort.

This 24 dBm LTE base station is ideal for line of sight in 3.65, and especially for microcells to serve tight clusters of users, such as campuses, RV parks, and MDUs. As well, this low cost unit is ideal for network edge extension for minimal subscribers while still meeting business model needs. The small size allows for mounting at subscriber locations for zero cost sight lease.

Download Nova 227 Data Sheet

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