Baicells LTE Core

The Baicells Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is an all-in-one network product that conforms to 3GPP standards. It coordinates with the LTE eNodeB, rapidly processes packet services, and provides high quality mobile broadband services to meet the increasing demands of users.

The Baicells EPC is designed for virtualized environments. It is organized in independent modules of Control Plane and User Plane. Each module of Baicells EPC can be deployed on any Linus X86_64 platform, such as common rack server, public cloud virtual machine, and Industrial Personal Computer.

Deployment is flexible but there are two typical structures of Baicells EPC solutions:

HaloB (Distributed EPC)
Baicells designed an innovative EPC structure. With HaloB, the distributed EPC Control Plane is integrated into base stations, meaning customers will no longer worry about the effect of backhaul latency on signaling. The User Plane can either be deployed in the base station or independently. The distributed User Plane can complete the forwarding of common data services, while the independent User Plane will provide all the features of the traditional EPC. Customers are free to choose how the EPC should be deployed according to their requirements.

CloudCore EPC
Baicells deploys the Control Plane of the EPC on a Public Cloud platform, and integrates the distributed User Plane inside the base station, then the whole Baicells CloudCore EPC plays a Software as a Service (SaaS) role. Base stations can access the CloudCore EPC at any location of the world through the internet, where all the data on User Plane will be offloaded directly from the base station. This solution improves latency and greatly reduces expenses needed for backhauls.

Localized EPC
The BaiEPC is an all-in-one core network platform which conforms to 3GPP telecommunications standards. It gives operators full control of the E2E network, and provides a way to customize services and to localize deployments, e.g., for multiple regions.

Baicells offers two Local EPC options: Standard and Professional. The Standard EPC platform is designed for small to mid-sized networks, while the Professional EPC platform is designed for larger networks and for customers requiring High Availability (using a second server for redundancy and software hot standby). Each platform provides additional licensing options.

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