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Certification Training

Professional Training & Certification Program

The Baicells Professional Training & Certification Program is an immersive, competency-based framework that provides practical instructor-led, hands-on technical training and competency testing of both knowledge and skills.

The program was introduced to help any technical personnel who are new to Baicells or looking to enhance their current knowledge of LTE and Baicells’s solutions to benefit from an in-person classroom experience with a subject-matter expert (SME) and to then apply what they learned through hands-on and written exams. When you earn a Baicells Certification, it means you were able to show an SME/instructor that you know what you’re doing.  

While it’s true that Baicells designs its products to be plug-and-play, the LTE technology that makes it run is fairly complicated in comparison with other technologies. The Baicells engineering team rewrote the LTE code to make it more efficient, as it had evolved over several years of 3GPP revisions. So, in addition to the practical, real-world application of this training and certification, the program will also give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intelligence behind the machines.

GET READY TO LEARN and build confidence in your knowledge and skills.

In 2H2019 we are rolling out the first certification course – Baicells Installation & Basic Troubleshooting – which is accompanied by administration of the Associate Certification exam. To read more about this initial offering and to find class schedules, click on the Associate link below.

WHY is THIS PROGRAM important?

We want to share our excitement about this new technology. By helping operators be successful in planning, deploying, managing, supporting, and optimizing their Baicells networks we hope to to share our excitement with you. It’s a win-win: Your Success is our Success!!

Available Programs


Baicells Installation & Basic Troubleshooting

Associate level certification prep course

ILT – 3 days

How To Sign up

Certification training classes are hosted by our partners. Follow the links below to view the available training schedules and register for the certification training.

Learning Partner Classes

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