Case Studies

Surf Air Wireless We went to Surf Air Wireless in La Porte, Indiana to see first hand why they selected Baicells Integrated eNBs to Fill Last Mile, Non-Line-of-Site Challenges.

Check out how baicells solutions address network edges, coverage holes, and clustered pockets of customers or devices (IoT) in locations such as high-density apartment buildings, stadiums, RV parks, marinas, intersection cameras, etc.

Baicells Case Study with WiFires Communications

WiFires Communications selects Baicells’ integrated products to start their business a year and a half ago. Today, WiFires has more than 650 Baicells product deployments across the east Texas, and more are coming to north Dallas and Oklahoma area. Check out the video and see Mossie Kines, owner of WiFires Communications, talks about how Baicells has helped his business along this fun journey.

Air Advantage Partners with Baicells Technologies Using FiSci Technologies’ LTEaaS Program to Bring Affordable High-Speed Internet to Rural Michigan

Learn how Air Advantage leveraged Baicells LTE superior NLOS capabilities to bring widespread, reliable broadband coverage to the unconnected areas in Michigan.

Baicells Case Study with Open Broadband

Kent and Glenn sat down with Rick to chat about how Open Broadband has dedicated to helping to connect the rural area in North Carolina to the rest of the world, and how Baicells became a game-changer along the way.

KGI Communication’s Deployment of Baicells LTE-U Solution

Learn why KGI turned to Baicells unlicensed LTE solution to provide reliable coverage in an area where they had difficulty getting a NN license.

SCS Broadband Deployment Deployment of Baicells 436Q

CEO of SCS Broadband, Clay Stewart, sits down with Baicells Technologies and talks about how Baicells and its prime Nova 436Q helped him to continue growing his business. Nova 436Q has been granted Part 96 Certification by the FCC, and is ready to be used as single carrier right out of the box! 

Airlink Rural Broadband Utilizes LTE for its NLOS Capabilities

Airlink began using Baicells equipment early in 2016 and immediately saw the benefit of using LTE over Wi-Fi. Due to the reliability, low-cost and NLOS capabilities of Baicells gear, Airlink continues to connect and impress customers that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

Celerity Telecom Utilizes Baicells Cost-Effective LTE to Reach NLOS Subscribers 

Celerity Telecom in Ontario needed a wireless solution that could penetrate the dense tree coverage of rural Canada. They began deploying Baicells LTE, solved the problem, and found that the equipment’s ease of deployment and competitive price point made it easy to expand their network to cover customers they previously believed to be unreachable.

EBTX Wireless Leverages Baicells to Provide Coverage in Rural Texas

EBTX Wireless, a new startup in Texas, was searching for a solution that would be able to provide the surrounding rural areas with wireless internet due to the fact that existing providers were invested in other technologies. Ultimately, they chose Baicells for its excellent customer service and ability to connect those “impossible to connect” customers.

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