Baicells Nova 227 Now Joins Part 96 CBRS Certified Products Line

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Baicells Technologies, a manufacturer of LTE fixed wireless broadband equipment, proudly announces several products have been granted Part 96 CBRS Certification by the FCC. The products are the Nova 436Q, Nova 233, Nova R9, the Atom OD-06 Low Gain and High Gain UEs, and the long anticipated Nova 227.  This achievement rounds out the complete line of CBRS ready eNodeB’s currently in the US market.


“The Nova 227 is an excellent product for niche markets, that are hard to reach from standard cell towers.  It is one of our best sellers and we are very pleased it has reached Part 96 compliance. stated Rick Harnish, CMO of Baicells Technologies.


“We’ve found that by using the Baicells 227 product, we’re able to hit those small, underserved areas,” said Patrick Wheeland, VP of Broadband Operations at Surf Air Wireless. “It really works in niche markets, specifically the small markets we’re trying to target, whether it’s small neighborhoods or towns in the rural parts of the states that we serve.” He continued, stating, “We found the Nova 227s very easy to install, and we typically install these on smaller, self-supporting towers. With its built-in antenna it’s a lot easier to run up a tower and it’s easily powered using PoE.  I would recommend Baicells as an LTE solution to other carriers.”


“Baicells is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of fixed-wireless LTE technology,” stated Boun Senekham, Baicells VP of Sales. “This certification is the next step down that path as we continue improving our products in response to the changing wireless ecosystem and our customer’s feedback.”


Additional Gen 2 Atom CAT4 UE Part 96 certifications are expected in May.


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