Google Announces SAS Cost and Baicells Partnership

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At WISPA’s annual WISPAmerica Conference Google announced the development of its Network Planning tool along with the pricing and partnerships driving its Spectrum Access System (SAS).

This SAS system will allow operators to access the upcoming 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum, which is prevalent with WISPs as they have been resourceful in using unlicensed spectrum and the lightly licensed spectrum in the top part of the CBRS band. Google’s recognition of these innovative and forward-thinking operators is helping drive the development of this SAS system and it’s pricing, which is fixed at $2.25 per residence per month. To help facilitate CBRS deployments, Google also is offering a set of training and certification programs around CBRS device installation.

Google also announced partnerships with key manufacturers, including Baicells. This means that if an end customer is already using equipment from Baicells, they can avoid any hassle and work with Baicells to get access to Google’s SAS.

The current expectation is that commercial CBRS operations will begin in June. That is still subject to change, but change is coming and smart operators will be ready for when the rules hit.

If you’d like to learn more about Google’s CBRS initiative and how it will affect your Baicells deployment, please contact

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