KGI Communications Deploys the First Baicells Unlicensed LTE Product in the United States

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 King George, November 7, 2018KGI Communications has become the first Internet provider in the United States to deploy Baicells unlicensed LTE to provide internet to the underserved county of King George, Virginia. Located deep within a federal zone, KGI has had difficulty getting approval to use licensed 3.65 GHz spectrum to serve King George; as a result they’ve turned to unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum to provide high-speed internet to residents.

The unlicensed LTE product, dubbed Spectra, is a 2x320mW eNodeB that enables smart LTE device users to be served by 5.8 GHz spectrum using Frequency Division Duplexing technology. This allows KGI Communications to provide the stability and bandwidth of LTE service while avoiding the restrictions of licensed spectrum.

Located near several ground stations and a navy base, King George has suffered from a lack of spectrum availability, making it extremely difficult to provide residents of the community with wireless internet service. The only alternative is cable, which is unable to keep up with the current internet demands. King George is now concerned with depopulation as residents threaten to leave for more internet friendly pastures. Determined to combat the problem, KGI Communications launched in 2017 and has been going through the painstaking process of working with the federal government to get proper 3.65 GHz licensing. When KGI learned of Baicells unlicensed LTE product, it was an immediate sell.

“This is the first opportunity we have to provide the residents of this county with a solid, reliable alternative to the cable company that has taken a monopoly on the internet services in King George county,” said Michele Wido, President of KGI Communications. “We’ve seen the lack of internet service quickly become one the largest problems within our community and we’re committed to working with our local representatives to ensure that we fix this problem.”

“The tenacity and persistence of KGI Communications to solve our internet issue is paying off in a big way for our residents,” said Ruby Brabo, At-Large King George City Supervisor. “This is truly a game changer.  The Supervisors look forward to continuing to work with them to accomplish the deployment process as quickly as possible.”

“LTE in the 5.8 GHz spectrum will allow us to provide residents with internet service as we wait for our 3.65 GHz license to be approved by the FCC,” said Juan Marte, CEO of KGI Communications. “It will allow us to provide reliable service and begin expanding our network to meet those who are desperate for an internet connection. My experience running an ISP in the Dominican Republic has shown me that being able to provide residents with any reliable internet service will put us far ahead of the cable company and allow us to begin building our relationship within the community.”

“Baicells is excited to begin the first unlicensed LTE deployment in North America and continue expanding the Baicells footprint,” said Boun Senekham, VP of Channel Sales for Baicells Technologies. “This deployment marks our continued commitment to bring innovative LTE technologies to the fixed wireless space and we’re incredibly pleased to be able to help provide the residents of King George with an alternative internet solution.”

“DoubleRadius is honored to team with KGI Communications and Baicells Technologies to serve the community of King George, Virginia,” said Benton Cook, wireless sales consultant with DoubleRadius. “With the hard work and dedication to provide the community with high speed internet, DoubleRadius, KGI Communications, and Baicells Technologies have partnered to do exactly that. As the local area continues to grow and prosper our amazing teams will continue to lead the way in rural connectivity.”

Unlicensed LTE products are now available for purchase at your preferred Baicells partner. For further questions regarding this product please contact

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