Baicells Announces Localized EPC at WISPAPALOOZA

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Las Vegas, Oct 9, 2018 – Baicells Technologies, the global provider in innovative LTE small cell solutions, announced the availability of a new localized EPC solution at WISPAPALOOZA 2018. Dubbed BaiEPC, the solution will be available in two forms – Standard and Professional.  The Standard version is designed for small to mid-sized networks, while the Professional version is designed for larger networks and provides smaller companies an expansion path as their businesses grow.

The new localized EPC solutions come as an alternative to Baicells CloudCore EPC to allow operators of all sizes to build and expand upon their LTE networks. Where the CloudCore is a cloud-based EPC running on Microsoft Azure servers, the BaiEPC provides operators with a physical EPC that coordinates with operators’ eNodeB equipment to provide high-speed mobile broadband services that meet the increasing user demands for higher bandwidth and improved quality.

The BaiEPC is designed for virtualized environment and is supported on General Purpose Processor systems such as Linux and Intel x86 servers. The solution is organized in independent modules of control plane, user plane, external interfaces and management. These design features enable operators to avoid costly CAPEX expenses typically experienced with traditional, centralized proprietary hardware requirement.

“The BaiEPC is the next step for Baicells in order to best support our growing customer base,” said Bo Wei, president of Baicells North America. “This new solution will allow all operators of varying sizes to take advantage of LTE while having a path for network growth.”

“Customers can choose between Standard or Professional licenses depending on their business requirements and size of deployment,” said Jie Lewis, Director of Sales Engineering at Baicells. “The local EPC gives operators full control of their networks and enables an evolutional path toward 5G network.”

The BaiEPC is available for purchase at your preferred Baicells sales or distributors.

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