Baicells Exhibits Open RAN 5G Architecture at MWCA

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Los Angeles – Baicells Technologies exhibited its Open RAN design at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles this past week. This design provides a modularized approach to Baicells’ 4G and 5G RAN architecture, granting operators a flexible and programmable system composition with an open interface to fully optimize the upcoming technologies.

Open RAN architecture disaggregates the Radio Access Network with smarter controllers, open interfaces, open source software and white-box hardware, which helps boost 5G eco-system and promote cost-effective next generation networks. This also grants operators the flexibility to easily expand, relocate and reuse different components from different vendors based on LTE and 5G standards. Due to these standardizations, and the decoupling of software from hardware, operators will be able to easily future-proof their networks and adapt to any changes in network topography. New features, additions, or expansions can now be quickly developed and deployed through the installation of modularized components. This virtualization of technologies will lead to a reduction in operators CAPEX and OPEX through a multi-vendor ecosystem that will allow for custom solutions resulting in the most agile networks possible.

“Virtualized and modulized OpenRAN is the main point of 5G,” said Mr. Sun Lixin, Chairman and CEO of Baicells.

This innovative solution was first tested in October of 2017 by SKT’s TIP Community Lab in Korea, resulting in an end-to-end LTE+EPC solution running on an open platform that was successfully tested with commercial UEs. In 2018, Baicells began working with CMCC on 5G NR trials for indoor applications based on O-RAN specifications. For outdoor macro networks, Baicells is currently participating Vodafone 5G trials along with all other TIP partners.

“As a pioneer, Baicells’ 5G network follows Open RAN architecture defined by 5G NR commercial grade radios plus GPP based on baseband processing.” Said Bo Wei, President of Baicells NA. “I believe that this will continue to drive innovations throughout the future of the 5G space.”

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