Baicells is Building Custom LTE Solutions for a Global Market

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Wireless and mobile communications now dominate global telecommunications. This can only be done through the allocation of spectrum, a limited resource. To maximize the spectrum’s utility, governments have established rules that divided these radio waves into different bands. This allows for minimal wireless interference while increasing the number of devices that can be connected.

There are a considerable portion of these bands that are allocated for LTE network deployments. Dependent on the physical limitations of the wavelengths being applied, telecom regulators will allocate usable spectrum bands to allow operators to build wireless networks in a wide range of deployment scenarios. This enables operators to deploy wireless networks in rural, urban, indoor or other locales and offer similar performances despite the physical differences.

Base stations began to be produced to work on these various bands, however problems began to arise. For the commonly used bands, operators found they could easily acquire products from a large selection of different vendors. However, finding a cost-effective but reliable solution that would work in more “uncommon” bands is still a challenge for many operators.

Baicells took notice of this gap within the market and quickly evolved to support a wide variety of LTE bands that are compatible with its strong hardware platform. While Baicells main products already support the commonly used bands and unlicensed bands, band customization can be offered to operators and implemented with incredible speed.

The following LTE bands are supported by the current Baicells products:

TDD bands: B38 / B40 / B41 / B42 / B43 / B48

FDD bands: B1 / B2 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B28

Unlicensed Band: 5.8GHz LTE-U

Along with these bands, Baicells has put significant effort in building innovations to meet the needs of all customers. The creation of flexible band changing has allowed Baicells to contribute to private networks by building base stations for specific bands. Examples of base stations created include a base station invented for its tether-based system, a base station that can transmit signal via drone, a base station that was built to be used in indoor construction sites and the NeutralCell – designed to support several bands from multiple operators within a single box.

Baicells is continually building custom solutions to satisfy growing global demands. Contact us now to see how we can optimize your network.

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