Baicells Technologies Launches First Two Component Carrier Aggregation Small Cell Product

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Baicells Technologies, an emerging provider of global LTE solutions, has announced the release of the first Two Component Carrier Aggregation (2CCA) small cell product for both licensed and unlicensed spectrum during MWCA. Baicells is the first vendor to combine the carrier aggregation (CA) feature into a small cell product. It can double the downlink throughput, cover two independent sectors without adding a new site. Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the release of 150 MHz total in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service band (CBRS LTE), service providers and private network operators across the United States have taken an active interest in deploying LTE networks leveraging the upcoming band.

As the digital age has dramatically transformed the way people work, study, and consume media, there is an increased need for wireless broadband, especially in rural areas. Since traditional business models often include high expenses for deployment and operations, end-users in rural areas often cannot afford high price data packages offered by others.

Baicells 2CCA small cell aims to resolve this problem, improving capacity and internet speed. Aggregating two channels into one cell, the downlink data rate can be doubled. Baicells 2CCA can be considered as two individual small cells covering two independent areas in a single base station form factor, which can help operators cut down on cost.

This feature also allows operators more flexibility, as operators can choose different frequency bands to combine or run separately. In addition, Baicells 2CCA can do load balancing between two carriers so that the idle carrier can help relieve stress on the other carrier during peak periods, thus further improving spectrum efficiency.

According to Mr. Wei Bai, Vice President of Baicells Technologies, “As LTE innovators with customers across all different business models, we understand how a specific technology can benefit our customers. A 2CCA capable small cell saves on tower space, which improves OPEX and lowers CAPEX, while providing a higher speed critical for today’s bandwidth intensive applications.”

Chinese Press Contact:
Eva Wang
PR Manager
Baicells Technologies Co. Ltd.
(+86) 186 8066 8591

North American Press Contact:
Savannah Lancaster
Marketing Communications Manager
Baicells Technologies, North America
+1 (972) 623-7329

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