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  Dear Friends,

This week marks the commercial availability of Baicells Technologies LTE fixed wireless products. At this early stage, the LTE products available include the Nova R9 1 watt base station for the 3.65 GHz band (and future CBRS band) and the Atom 19.5 dBi CPE. Our Atom 11 dBi CPE will be in country later this month. We are thrilled that all of our partners have requested some product to be air shipped, instead of waiting for sea ship, due to the early demand. You can find the list of approved Baicells partners by clicking the Distributors tab above. We are proud to include an elite set of partners, all with earned reputations for service and high ethics. Each has its own unique value, and we encourage you to explore their websites to learn the full range of products and services they can offer, not just our own.

Every partner offers its own unique value. Here, ISP Supplies has made a custom mount for a Baicells Nova base station and sector antenna.

Every partner offers its own unique value. Here, ISP Supplies has made a custom mount for a Baicells Nova base station and sector antenna.

We would also like to take a brief moment to thank our sixty or so Wave 2 trial customers. These are companies led by courageous leaders, who are doing bold and important things in their communities. If your community does not have high speed Internet access, it dies. As civically-minded neighbors, WISP owners have decided that would be an unacceptable outcome for their hometowns, so they started their WISP businesses, most with their own money. Baicells is mindful of both this honorable commitment, and their financial one, and we were formed because we believe we can provide them with better tools to meet their communities’ needs, and do it for far less precious capital.

WISPs are also crazy busy, so taking on a new product in a test – especially one they paid 50% up front to participate in – is a huge thing. Together with this group of exceptional WISPs we embarked on the journey to test and refine our better mousetrap. Almost every example of North American terrain is represented, from the Alaskan and Sierra slopes to the Prairie and Plains, to the Ozark and Appalachian foothills and down to the Gulf Coast, so we knew we’d get a real good understanding of just how well our LTE Nova and Atoms would handle NLOS challenges. Now here we are, months in, and the invaluable information, advice, and criticism of the Wave 2 trial customers has allowed us to bring you a much better product, even as we know much remains to be done.

So thank you Partners, and thank you Wave 2 trial customers. You honor Baicells with your confidence and with your business. We will make mistakes, we won’t be perfect, but we promise to constantly improve, always listen, and always respect you and your customers.

Best regards,


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