“…connect the unconnected through LTE.”

Who We Are

Baicells is a privately-held, high tech company providing disruptively-priced and technically innovative LTE wireless broadband access solutions, supporting fixed wireless, and mobile small cells. With the vision to connect the unconnected, Baicells has introduced some real breakthrough technologies to LTE, like moving a complete LTE system to unlicensed spectrum and building it with an IT based architecture. With Baicells’ turnkey end-to-end solutions, it becomes much easier to provide wireless internet within everyone’s reach at a very low cost. Baicells’ innovative solutions can be used by mobile operators, broadband access operators, cable operators, mobile virtual operators, governments and enterprise private networks.

Our Mission

The world craves its internet. There is a constant growing demand for higher speeds, greater connectivity, and just plain ‘ol access. At Baicells this got us thinking and we raised the age-old question of, “How? How can we meet this demand, and exceed all expectations while doing it?”

After considerable research and discussion we concluded that the answer couldn’t be found in greater fiber or Wi-Fi technologies, which are often too expensive or too unreliable to deploy in remote areas. Rather, the only viable solution for long-term, reliable, high-speed expanded coverage was in LTE technologies.

This is where the Baicells mission began – to connect the unconnected through LTE, the global standard for today’s wireless communication of high speed data. Today, LTE can grant more users internet access on all their devices; faster, more reliably, cheaper, and with greater coverage than is possible with Wi-Fi.

Why BaiCells?

  • LTE made easy—Simple as Wifi (easy transition from Wi-fi based networks to LTE)
  • Disruptive prices (low CAPEX), allowing even the smallest Operators to deploy LTE technologies
  • Simple, Cloud based EPC Core
  • Great Non Line of Site penetration (NLOS) capabilities*
  • We operate under LTE standards, so our products are compatible with other LTE vendors**
    • Based on field trial test results.*
    • This statement assumes that other vendors operate within the guidelines of LTE standards.**

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